The Perfect Insider – Episode 2

Okay, nothing is happening. I might see if it gets decent once it ends and develops a point. Right now, though, it’s just static people talking about mundane things.



Dance With Devils – Episode 2

  • This is going to be one of those shows where my interest peters out as the single joke wears thin.
  • “Sweat is a man’s badge of honour!”
  • I guess everyone fawning over her is funny, but I mostly just long for another musical number.
  • Mushrooms aren’t food? Really?
  • That colouring on his cravat makes him look like he has some kind of fleshy chest pouch.
  • At least, I assume it’s a cravat. Could be an ascot, I guess?
  • Actually, even her outfit is overdesigned as hell.
  • Finally it starts going over the top.
  • Oh my god, these lyrics.
  • Without missing a beat, it goes back to being too serious.

dancewithdevils2This show has a major tone problem.

Concrete Revolutio – Episode 2

  • Why are they focussing on bugs?
  • Oh, right, it’s Shapeshifter Sora kid.
  • Bugmen?
  • So kid uses his power to buy winning iceblocks.
  • Is… is that a catface toaster? Really?
  • This is considerably more talky than the previous episode. That’s not really a good thing, when it’s talking about worldbuilding.
  • Ghost, huh. I guess that explains things?
  • The whole shapeshifting thing is cool, but there’s a definite drop in action and silliness.
  • I hope the moth girl isn’t as much of a thing.
  • Oh good, now she’s a moth woman?
  • He commited mass genocide… by accident?
  • Sigh. This is the least subtle criticism of superhero morality.
  • And of course he’s just welcomed in.


I mean, I didn’t actively dislike it, but it’s still overcomplicated without being as visually fun.

Mr Osomatsu – Episode 2

  • What.
  • I get the feeling that I’m missing something,  but it’s still funny in its own way.
  • The opening’s pretty great.
  • All that “trash” talk is pretty great.
  • I like how they’re all different at a glance.
  • What.
  • Seriously, never think too much about toilets.
  • Wow, this taps into some very real anxiety.
  • Are they producing robots or merchandise?
  • That was the weirdest non-resolution.
  • Some shots are pretty great.
  • Also, I love how the robot/merchandise guy is just in the background now.
  • Aw, kitty.
  • What on earth.

mrosomatsu2I like it a bit less now it has no real point besides comedy, but I still laughed.

Young Black Jack – Episode 2

  • I like the eyes and the stitches.
  • The OP is still hilarious.
  • Suddenly it’s Kaiji.
  • I’m shipping Hazama and Yabu way more than I should.
  • The shots of his chest are shameless.
  • I can’t tell if it’s baiting or accidental, but this dude is clearly in love with him.
  • Wait, did they just have a Face/Off situation to avoid letting them know the guy was dead? And somehow that’s less losing his way than performing a heart transplant.

youngblackjack2I’m probably going to lose interest when Yabu gets shunted to the side for some romantic foreshadowing, because I’m terrible.

One Punch Man – Episode 2

  • So he’s going to punch a mosquito dude this episode.
  • No, wait, he’s punching a literal mosquito. And is somehow as bad at it as I am.
  • Oh my god.
  • Oh, it’s a mosquito lady. And she’s weirdly sexualised, given the whole “engorged with blood” thing.
  • Hopefully it won’t get like Ninja Slayer, where it slowed things down completely.
  • I like how he’s totally nude and the other dude’s a frosty-tipped cyborg. Starting to get the appeal of this.
  • Even the watering can is like “please shush”.
  • Not a lot to say about the fights, but they’re great to watch.

onepunchman2It’s over so quickly, but doesn’t feel rushed.

Comet Lucifer – Episode 2

  • You know what? Maybe don’t remind me of your lackluster first episode.
  • I mean, I still don’t know why they’re attacking with robots or why Crystal girl is suddenly corporeal in his arms. Maybe use your time a little better.
  • You just fell down a hole last episode. Now you’re falling down a hole inside of that original hole.
  • Okay, crystal girl is insufferable. I’ll watch until the end of the episode, but I’m otherwise done.
  • Now there’s another crystal monster, and the show’s more concerned with boobs.
  • If people want to sexualise your characters, they will. You don’t have to try so hard.
  • Trying to endure, but holy shit her voice.
  • So crystal snake is actually the giant robot from earlier.

cometlucifer2I don’t care how good the show is otherwise (and it’s not great), I’m not listening to that voice.