Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 4

  • 2:6:2
  • Wait, if this is all about marketing… is Gel’s power stored in the cloud?
  • Isn’t conflict sometimes necessary? It’s less that it’s necessary and more that it’s impossible to eliminate.
  • Life is important, though. Hm.
  • Meanwhile Paiman’s like “she learned it from watching you”.
  • But the blue crowds did rise up before. There’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.
  • Wait, suddenly the Gatchamen are calling the CROWDS dangerous?
  • That emotion sucking thing is super creepy.
  • Again, what people want is not always what’s good for them.
  • I like that TV guy is cynical and sensationalises stuff.
  • Just announce a referendum.
  • Anyway, he’ll obviously lose.
  • Hm.
  • There’s something off about all this, but I can’t tell what will be addressed and what won’t.
  • Please say they all vote for a cat named pooplord whiskerhitler
  • No age or nationality restrictions.
  • Also, did they just say there could actually be a cat PM.
  • Gelsadra just grew up.
  • Wait, Geldsadra is a boy. That sucks.

gci4I’m really curious about where this is going and whether the show will be able to pull it off gracefully.


Akagi (Drama) – Episode 2

  • Recap time, in case you forgot how slow the pacing was.
  • I like how I don’t need to know much about the actual game, because everything’s narrated like it’s a Jojo fight.
  • Actually, it’s pretty much exactly like the first D’arby fight.
  • Does make it an odd choice for live-action, though. Half the fun of the artist’s style is in the intense expressions (and pointy/square features).
  • Ageism from the old dude.
  • Followed by some very homoerotic fine art. Not sure whether that’s symbolic or not.
  • I like that the partially transparent tiles make the guessing necessary and plausible.
  • Haha, he dances at the idea of draining more blood. That’s the sort of thing I was thinking of.
  • This dramatic music sting with slow motion. Good grief.
  • I like Akagi’s smirk.
  • You can tell a bunch by the tone of their commentary.
  • Careful, old dude.
  • He still won, right? Stop obsessing over it.
  • And Akagi immediately says the same thing.
  • Oh good. He’s not accepting the return of his blood.
  • He wants to destroy this guy, even if he does have to die himself in the process.
  • He bit the tiger, and then it cuts to more of the fine art. I… okay.

ad2I shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do, since I don’t know the rules, but it’s still entertaining.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 4

  • Good God, these names.
  • I’m calling them Steampunk Clownrobot, because I can’t take this self-serious nonsense.
  • She has a cleavage snake. Is she bound to it? Or just a poor pet owner?
  • Everything about this show is such a mess.
  • Steampunk Clownrobot has wings.
  • How is this not an RPG? I’d tolerate it all a lot more if it were a game.
  • You’d think this ridiculous character would bring the story to a standstill, but instead they’re moving the plot forward.
  • Politics in this nonsense world seems kinda pointless, though.
  • It seems very “this is what they’ll do”, but that’s better than muddling around in weird angst.
  • I like that they’ve never explained who the Clownrobot is, so it’s just accepted that he has wings and his head’s replaceable. Makes such a nice change from “as you know, my special character can do this, this, and this”.

cd3That was less of a mess than previous episodes, although it still has way too much trouble trying to fit everything in.

Prison School – Episode 3

  • Last time on Prison School, one dude peed all over his classmate.
  • The only reason I’m sticking with it is to see the biotruths scene.
  • You peed on her.
  • Why is he kissing photos of all the butts he’s loved before.
  • Because the top with her nipples all but showing is super chaste.
  • Well then. Gotta love that innuendo, I guess.
  • The most pornographic Carry On film.
  • Gotta love those giant boobs, I guess.
  • Uh. This show is so disgusting.
  • Help, he dug them back up. He can’t go a few days without his beloved bottoms.
  • He’s pouring concrete over them. With a single tear.
  • This show is terrible, but that was funny.
  • If only the rest of the show were that sincere about it.

ps3It’s reprehensible, but the solemn butt fetishist headmaster is funny even before the hyped-up bit.

Rampo Kitan – Episode 4

  • So there’s a Saw villain to start off with.
  • “Twenty faces”
  • There’s a bunch of gruesome imagery, but little character.
  • More wacky coroner.
  • Since discovering this is made by some of the people behind the Danganronpa anime, I really can’t unsee it.
  • Ew.
  • Seriously, what’s with the tied up naked woman threatening to pee herself?
  • This is gross and creepy. And not in a good way.
  • I guess that reveal was character-defining?

rk4I think I’m done with this show, because it’s so slow seemingly without purpose. If it does develop one, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 3

  • L is really clever in this version.
  • I love how overwrought Light is.
  • Whoa. He’s given the choice to kill his father. That’s dark.
  • Wow, close call.
  • I like that Ryuk is so cocky.
  • Odd musical choice.
  • Hm. So he wasn’t actually sure about Light?
  • Justice?
  • There’s something vaguely disturbing about a child pretending to be a cop and shooting someone he’s meant to be arresting. I get that that’s the point, but it’s different these days.
  • Ah. Finally he’s covering his tracks.
  • And now he’s– Jesus! Did not want to see Ryuk that close up.
  • In this situation, Light has no reason not to accept the Shinigami eyes. It’s half his lifespan versus the whole of it if he gets caught.
  • I see. Now he’s actively choosing to kill FBI agents until Misa shows up.
  • Also, Mello and Near are super creepy.
  • Wait, how did she know he was Kira? I like that she’s smart in this, though.
  • Light’s goals have shifted just a touch.
  • Huh. He’s blackmailing Ray.
  • Heeeee. The fake American accents are so great.
  • Wow, he got Ray to kill them.
  • Time to grab those eyes, Light.
  • Is Misa stalking him already? That’s handy.
  • Nice timing, too.
  • L’s pissed off that he lost. That seems strange.
  • “The second Kira”


The pacing on this is great.

School Live – Episode 3

  • Well, I’ve heard good things about this episode, so let’s see how it goes.
  • Backstory for unrealistic teacher lady?
  • Oh, delusional girl is there too.
  • As is shovel girl.
  • I get that the pastoral atmosphere is supposed to be foreboding, but it’s hard to feel that way.
  • I mean, this is well directed, but the outcome is inevitable.
  • So they all conveniently attended this school after all.
  • The boyfriend is a zombie.
  • Finally.
  • Well, that explains the shovel.
  • So is the dog real?
  • Is the teacher real?

sl3I’m not sure I understand this show. Does it think it’s smarter than it really is, or am I just dumb? Probably the latter.