Chaos Dragon – Episode 2

  • “child of contract”
  • Another exposition dump already. I feel sorry for the director.
  • “bounded one”
  • These characters are so over-designed.
  • Torn between commenting on “equivalent exchange” or that heart shaped boob window.
  • Sweallow and Meryl Sherbet.
  • This is such an RP story. Everything is so over-designed before anything starts, so it drowns in its own indulgence.
  • New wall of text describing “bound one”, as if it won’t come up eventually.
  • Those are some thighs.
  • This is such a mess, holy shit.
  • Wait, he has to kill someone every time he wants to do something. Does it automatically give him critical rolls?
  • That is a cheap fire spiral.
  • Boob jiggle, such a surprise.

I have no idea what the story is supposed to be. I’ll probably still watch the next episode to see whether that makes it any clearer.


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