Gangsta – Episode 2

  • So many abs in this opening.
  • ASS.
  • More of this escort lad–
  • Whoa, bare chest.
  • People were not kidding about the male flesh on display. I’d say it’s gratuitous, but whatever. It’s rare, I guess.
  • I like the sign language component to this. It makes conversations slightly more engaging, although their facial expressions are still fairly rigid.
  • The problem with stories for women’s sexuality is that they’re for straight women, and that means lots of dudes.
  • They talk about the kid like that. Ugh.
  • Sick of this show’s views on gender already. I get that it’s a commentary, but it’s a cartoon and a fictional society. If I want to learn about the plight of sex workers in poverty, I can find plenty of real examples.
  • I like my burly fighting dudes to be a little more over-the-top than this.

I guess I’ll stick around, if I remember, but the unrealistic grit is something I’m tired of.


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