Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 2

  • The title this week is “penetration”, which I’m hoping isn’t innuendo.
  • I love how pretty this show is.
  • Hajime also uses “boku”, which wouldn’t be important except for the weird genderfluidity of this show.
  • The OP is great, as usual.
  • Hm. There’s something strange about teaching old people to vote with smartphones, and giving them out.
  • No war or poverty? That’s my limit for optimism. Systemic issues will never go away completely unless they have some kind of amnesiac power. Even the Gatchaman power can only erase specific  short-term events.
  • Pai-Pai has a daycare?
  • Hm. This VAPE look isn’t that in-depth.
  • How are there not benign but neutral crowds just screwing around?
  • VAPE has a leader? That’s no fun. I was hoping their lack of a leader would ultimately be their downfall.
  • This PR stuff is suuuuper weird.
  • Hm. This really is the anti-Incredibles. It talks about giving powers to “apes”.
  • There is something weird about suggesting the bad guy is the one who doubts humanity, though. People are capable of both good and bad things, in equal measure. They contain multitudes. Splitting them off into good and bad helps no one.
  • What do the colour-feelings represent? Yellow seems to be fear, maybe?
  • Tsubasa seems to have trouble transforming.
  • Aw, green hippo.
  • What are those skull masks, good grief.
  • Why do they say “yack”?
  • Hajime cheerfully punches out Berg-katze without listening to him.
  • “civil war”
  • Hm. Alien Gel girl seems to hate dissent. That’s worrying.
  • Why does she want to hurt the red dudes?
  • ? They’re shutting down CROWDS accounts?
  • Hajime is still a manic pixie dream girl. It seems strange, when she’s no longer the newcomer stirring up the world. I thought the whole thing was that she and Berg-Katze would become something different together, but not much has changed.
  • Gel and Tsubasa are a cute ship.
  • “You can’t shoulder the weight of peace.” Maybe this is going to mature a little.
  • Wait, if Rui shut down their accounts, can they still vote?
  • Hm. She’s not comfortable in the public eye.
  • 89% and “it feels like a game”

This show is really fucking messy so far. It seems to be operating from some ideas that are strange and unrealistic. Optimism about human nature is fine when it’s a goal to work towards, but less so when it’s the status quo threatened by “evil” dissatisfied people.

Also, brands are not anyone’s friends. I get that this smartphone utopia isn’t capitalist, but there’s something really alien about that being the case.


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