Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace – Episode 2

  • The hell is this teacher’s design.
  • Is she meant to be a catgirl?
  • Preserved? That doesn’t seem like it would be good to sit on. Formaldehyde smells.
  • What is this hyper autopsy? It’s almost the opposite of Classroom Crisis.
  • You know, usually there’s some element of puzzle-solving to this kind of thing. You’re supposed to have seen the stuff in the flashbacks.
  • “If I become a chair, I can be with him forever”. They’re stating this so matter-of-factly for something so messed up.
  • I’m confused. There are so many tone and structure problems in this.
  • Ah. There’s the right tone–
  • Suddenly the girl jumps out a window.
  • That ribcage/heart chair was great, though.
  • What is this supposed to be?

I feel like I have to continue with this, just out of curiosity. If the next one isn’t as macabre, I’ll probably drop it.


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