Monster Musume – Episode 2

  • Oh god, it’s a winged/clawed girl who can’t do much for herself.
  • Wow, she doesn’t even understand English.
  • Well, that’s not horribly disturbing.
  • Wait, the snake has boobs, but the bird doesn’t?
  • Wait.
  • The monster girls are jeal-
  • The bird shredded her top so the boobs jiggled their way out.
  • Oh, it is a cultural exchange student situation.
  • So apparently they’re jealous of each other.
  • Also, ugh, why show her camel toe.
  • Wait, dude doesn’t get paid for hosting these creatures.
  • Centaur-girl?
  • Stop focussing on panties, plz
  • SIGH.
  • I may actually be done. This stuff is suuuuuper tiresome.
  • Man, her boobs are worse than Prison School.
  • Rape? Treated so lightly? Great.
  • Her breasts are throbbing. The hell.

Sigh. Well, that first episode was fun, anyway. Dropping this unless it gets funny again.


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