Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 2

  • I like that she’s good with cooking and herbs.
  • Plus, the bright, clean visual style is so pretty.
  • Ooh, a test.
  • For once, I’d like to see a prince who is kinda soft/heavy. Like he says, it’s a lot of deskwork and sitting around, and the food is usually rich.
  • One chop and she’s out cold?
  • So he wants to offer her to others. Creepy.
  • I was all steeling myself up for a gross scene where he fed her, but instead she escapes and leaves him locked up. So great.
  • And then she paralyses him. She’s resourceful, not unrealistically trained in martial arts (with a figure that would have zero weight behind the punches).
  • Gross asshole. I like that it’s from a desire to regain his class status, though.
  • I just love her hair’s shade of red.
  • Birds.

I like this show. I’m not super-enthused by it, but it’s cute.


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