Death Note (Drama) – Episode 2

  • I like the way Ryuk looks in this.
  • Misa-Misa’s love is kind of reciprocated in this, which is super weird. I guess it’s to show Light becoming a sociopath, not starting out as one.
  • L still doesn’t have enough eyeliner. They’re meant to be sunken-in shells that stare intensely.
  • Another chest shot.
  • One thing I’ll say for live-action L, he has cute lips.
  • Drawing the apple on the wall makes a lot of sense.
  • L does also nail the slightly bored thoughtful look.
  • Whoa, that apple bite scene was terrible.
  • Light with a genuine smile is super weird, too.
  • I like that the lady cop is part of this team.
  • Ryuk dancing along to Misa is great.
  • Ryuk butt-shaking.
  • Wait, L and Near believe in Shinigami?
  • I like that Raye Penbar suddenly has an emotional significance.
  • Also, Ryuk reading out the death notes for kicks really works.
  • Dude, you know his face and name. Get to writing. No one who claims to own someone has her best interests at heart.
  • WOW, stalker security dude is a bad actor.
  • Aw, and now he’s feeling guilty for killing that dude.
  • Or did he. I forget how Misa’s death worked in this.
  • Rem looks a little worse than Ryuk.
  • This guy relishes in his victory.

I’m digging this adaptation, still, despite a couple of flaws.


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