My Love Story – Episode 15

  • Takeo is terrifying and adorable.
  • There’s something beautiful about the way the characters spontaneously burst into “they’re so cute/cool” and “I love him/her”.
  • Hahahaha, his chasing her worked somehow.
  • I like that Suna wants to delicately suggest that Takeo’s view of himself isn’t as accurate as it used to be.
  • Aw, I like that Yamato’s a little jealous.
  • Aw.
  • I like that she’s downplaying how she feels a little, but insulting him in the process. Kind of accurate.
  • “She can’t do anything about Takeo’s feelings.” Likewise, accurate.
  • Wait, what significance does that have?

It is kind of worrying that they’ve gone to the jealousy well so often, but the show’s so cute it doesn’t suffer for it.


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