Chaos Dragon – Episode 3

  • Yay, more of this incomprehensible thing!
  • Oh god, she has a strap wedged diagonally in her cleavage. That thing must be soaked in boob sweat, especially since there’s no fabric to cover them.
  • Man, the worldbuilding stuff needs to be repeated each time, because everything is more overdesigned than a Final Fantasy game.
  • It’s a bad sign when you can’t tell whether the freeze frame is deliberate or not.
  • Is this her trying to be seductive?
  • The “tool” conversation makes me wonder whether his dick is intact. Possibly because they keep focussing on her keyhole boobs like they’re desperate.
  • Oh no, unsubtle catgirl bigotry.
  • It’s like someone put all different kinds of dessert in a blender. As interesting as small bits are, it all combines to form some kind of brown mush.
  • Hey, actual conflict.
  • …and a catgirl butt sitting there for longer than it had to.
  • All these dragons.
  • I don’t know who any of these people are or how they relate to each other. And I’ve read their character bios from the original game.
  • Oh, right, the catgirl is also bound to a monster, because being a catgirl wasn’t enough. Sometimes simplicity works a little better than shoving in everything regardless of how it fits.
  • Seductive girl’s lip-licking is ridiculous.
  • This really does remind me of FF12.
  • She was this close to shoving her boob keyhole right in his face. Such restraint.
  • That is about six names and a steampunk robot.

Holy shit, I still have no idea what’s going on.


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