Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 3

  • I’m not sure I like that one dude. He’s so… binary. Demonises perfectly reasonable people.
  • So amusement is yellow for sure.
  • Aren’t Gatchamen celebrities?
  • Aw, Pai-man.
  • Hahaha, I like that people can hear Berg-Katze talking from her boobs.
  • Violent pacifists is oxymoronic, not interesting.
  • Oh my god! It’s addressing benign trolling.
  • I think ideals are important, but reality always gets in the way. Not sure whether this show really gets that.
  • Not just red crowds, but red emotions.
  • The red crowds have organisation, the blue ones are just people trying to help.
  • I can’t tell whether that one Gatchaman is betraying them or not. Giving the newbie shit about not transforming is kinda sad.
  • Wow.
  • This is addressing that some people were left out of Rui’s idealism.
  • I think CROWDS work, but they need regulation. It’s an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy. It needs clearly defined rules, not just taking their power away without a word.
  • So this guy is actually evil. That’s disappointing.
  • Rui’s ideals and principles are about people helping each other. Helping them is falling in line with their ideas.
  • See, anger is her transformation trigger.
  • Gelsadra realises that people don’t always want what’s in their best interests, right?

I can’t tell whether this show is acknowledging its problems or trying to sweep them away.


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