Prison School – Episode 2

  • I love how animated this is for something this dumb.
  • I thought her butt was two faces, because of how in the shot they were.
  • This guy is gross.
  • Well, that’s the context for the boot in the butthole shot.
  • This seems like a prisoner’s dilemma.
  • Watersports!
  • The steam censorship reminds me of that one Britney Spears video. And it’s about as unnecessary.
  • Cannot wait for the biotruth asses speech.
  • OH. She’s punishing them because he’s gross.
  • Is that blood dripping down her huge breasts?
  • Do those boobs not have nipples?
  • At least it censors her labia? That kind of feels more tasteful than usual.
  • Sigh.
  • Just pee. It’s not like it matters much, one way or the other.
  • Hahahaha that’s gross and terrible.

Actually, I think that sums up the entire show.


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