Rampo Kitan – Episode 3

  • So I still don’t understand this show’s deal. It’s a tribute to a short story writer, but this doesn’t seem very respectful so far.
  • Clearly, the answer is to wait for it to rain.
  • Sigh. It better not show the sister too much, or I’m done.
  • “Only you can dress as a girl, super-effeminate main character.” I couldn’t possibly ask any actual women to do this for me, for some reason.
  • Dude, he identifies as male and has nothing you haven’t seen before.
  • Of course the abductor is fat. Sigh.
  • Hm. Nothing to say because it’s confusing. It’s not really mystery or horror.
  • I mean, it’s super Gothic in its own weird way, but still.

Can’t tell if I should keep watching or not.


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