Snow White With The Red Hair – Episode 3

  • Whee, more demonstration of Snow White’s herb skill. It’s something she actually works for.
  • Seriously, I love it when characters show a little work to get where they are. Women aren’t born perfect, for goodness’ sake. And certainly not born perfectly feminine.
  • The guards objectify her, of course. Was this written by a woman?
  • Sure enough, the original manga and the adaptive script were written by women. Director’s a guy who worked on Wolf’s Rain, though.
  • Zen shirks his responsibilities, then atones for it with a despairing fugue.
  • Aw, his advisors look out for his health.
  • He likes to explore the land he rules and keep track of things. That’s… kind of noble, if severely stupid.
  • Snow White is hardly a danger. Still, I like that this stuff is addressed.
  • See, she references stuff instead of instantly being like “this is xyz”. Some plants are tough to differentiate without a visual guide.
  • She doesn’t sit there meekly and hurt herself. Instead she’s like “wait, I’d better check to see what’s up”.
  • I like that he’s angry at the thought of her getting hurt, but isn’t going to stop her.
  • She calls the guy’s bluff without fear.
  • Zen’s like “that was a dumb way to do it”.
  • Aw, a rival? Sigh.
  • And he doesn’t even need to worry, she’s going through official channels without even thinking to ask him for favours.

I like this show. I don’t know that there’s going to be much plot, but the little touches are so charming.


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