Death Note (Drama) – Episode 3

  • L is really clever in this version.
  • I love how overwrought Light is.
  • Whoa. He’s given the choice to kill his father. That’s dark.
  • Wow, close call.
  • I like that Ryuk is so cocky.
  • Odd musical choice.
  • Hm. So he wasn’t actually sure about Light?
  • Justice?
  • There’s something vaguely disturbing about a child pretending to be a cop and shooting someone he’s meant to be arresting. I get that that’s the point, but it’s different these days.
  • Ah. Finally he’s covering his tracks.
  • And now he’s– Jesus! Did not want to see Ryuk that close up.
  • In this situation, Light has no reason not to accept the Shinigami eyes. It’s half his lifespan versus the whole of it if he gets caught.
  • I see. Now he’s actively choosing to kill FBI agents until Misa shows up.
  • Also, Mello and Near are super creepy.
  • Wait, how did she know he was Kira? I like that she’s smart in this, though.
  • Light’s goals have shifted just a touch.
  • Huh. He’s blackmailing Ray.
  • Heeeee. The fake American accents are so great.
  • Wow, he got Ray to kill them.
  • Time to grab those eyes, Light.
  • Is Misa stalking him already? That’s handy.
  • Nice timing, too.
  • L’s pissed off that he lost. That seems strange.
  • “The second Kira”


The pacing on this is great.


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