School Live – Episode 3

  • Well, I’ve heard good things about this episode, so let’s see how it goes.
  • Backstory for unrealistic teacher lady?
  • Oh, delusional girl is there too.
  • As is shovel girl.
  • I get that the pastoral atmosphere is supposed to be foreboding, but it’s hard to feel that way.
  • I mean, this is well directed, but the outcome is inevitable.
  • So they all conveniently attended this school after all.
  • The boyfriend is a zombie.
  • Finally.
  • Well, that explains the shovel.
  • So is the dog real?
  • Is the teacher real?

sl3I’m not sure I understand this show. Does it think it’s smarter than it really is, or am I just dumb? Probably the latter.


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