Chaos Dragon – Episode 4

  • Good God, these names.
  • I’m calling them Steampunk Clownrobot, because I can’t take this self-serious nonsense.
  • She has a cleavage snake. Is she bound to it? Or just a poor pet owner?
  • Everything about this show is such a mess.
  • Steampunk Clownrobot has wings.
  • How is this not an RPG? I’d tolerate it all a lot more if it were a game.
  • You’d think this ridiculous character would bring the story to a standstill, but instead they’re moving the plot forward.
  • Politics in this nonsense world seems kinda pointless, though.
  • It seems very “this is what they’ll do”, but that’s better than muddling around in weird angst.
  • I like that they’ve never explained who the Clownrobot is, so it’s just accepted that he has wings and his head’s replaceable. Makes such a nice change from “as you know, my special character can do this, this, and this”.

cd3That was less of a mess than previous episodes, although it still has way too much trouble trying to fit everything in.


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