Prison School – Episode 3

  • Last time on Prison School, one dude peed all over his classmate.
  • The only reason I’m sticking with it is to see the biotruths scene.
  • You peed on her.
  • Why is he kissing photos of all the butts he’s loved before.
  • Because the top with her nipples all but showing is super chaste.
  • Well then. Gotta love that innuendo, I guess.
  • The most pornographic Carry On film.
  • Gotta love those giant boobs, I guess.
  • Uh. This show is so disgusting.
  • Help, he dug them back up. He can’t go a few days without his beloved bottoms.
  • He’s pouring concrete over them. With a single tear.
  • This show is terrible, but that was funny.
  • If only the rest of the show were that sincere about it.

ps3It’s reprehensible, but the solemn butt fetishist headmaster is funny even before the hyped-up bit.


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