Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 4

  • 2:6:2
  • Wait, if this is all about marketing… is Gel’s power stored in the cloud?
  • Isn’t conflict sometimes necessary? It’s less that it’s necessary and more that it’s impossible to eliminate.
  • Life is important, though. Hm.
  • Meanwhile Paiman’s like “she learned it from watching you”.
  • But the blue crowds did rise up before. There’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.
  • Wait, suddenly the Gatchamen are calling the CROWDS dangerous?
  • That emotion sucking thing is super creepy.
  • Again, what people want is not always what’s good for them.
  • I like that TV guy is cynical and sensationalises stuff.
  • Just announce a referendum.
  • Anyway, he’ll obviously lose.
  • Hm.
  • There’s something off about all this, but I can’t tell what will be addressed and what won’t.
  • Please say they all vote for a cat named pooplord whiskerhitler
  • No age or nationality restrictions.
  • Also, did they just say there could actually be a cat PM.
  • Gelsadra just grew up.
  • Wait, Geldsadra is a boy. That sucks.

gci4I’m really curious about where this is going and whether the show will be able to pull it off gracefully.


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