Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 5

  • Aw, no cat.
  • Still kinda disappointed by Gelsadra becoming a dude. I guess an alien who gives people what they want would assume the form of the patriarchy though.
  • Seriously, I see nothing about who expresses their wants the loudest or in a disingenuous way. It seems to be taken at face value that people want what’s good for themselves and others.
  • Yes, vote Paiman.
  • Duh, of course people want the status quo.
  • One person can’t help everyone, though. That’s half the point of why I dug the original CROWDS, despite its flaws. Giving everyone the chance to be heroes is kind of refreshing.
  • Why is this delving into politics. Its flaws become that much more apparent.
  • What did Gelsadra do to that child.
  • Aw, Paiman. Don’t try so hard to be liked.
  • Is this trying to talk about call-out culture or whatever? People dislike politicians who say one thing and do another, because they can’t trust them to make good on their promises.
  • One person cannot end institutionalised strife.
  • Maybe police the CROWDS then? Better than prioritising people’s immediate feelings.
  • ONLY slander and character defamation? Good grief.
  • I… what even is this show trying to say.

gatchamancrowds5This show seems to be actively criticising the message it put forward previously, but it hasn’t addressed the actual flaws in execution.


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