Death Note (Drama) – Episode 4

  • I love that Raye Penbar’s real name sounds just as fake.
  • Of course Light thinks the second Kira is a guy.
  • Poor Rem.
  • Aw, Misa’s just as poorly-characterised in this version. I was hoping for better.
  • Is L’s chest supposed to be sexy? I can’t tell.
  • Yay, Light’s under surveillance now. That means the potato chip scene can’t be far off.
  • Does that mean L is watching Light pee?
  • Ryuk’s design works better than Rem’s.
  • I’m mostly waiting for the beats I recognise.
  • This potato chip setup is still the funniest thing.
  • I like that L is smart enough to remember the incident and suspect Light.
  • Aw, Light’s father.
  • Oh, L.
  • Apparently Near is crazy.
  • Still nowhere near enough eyeliner on L.
  • The way he holds out the chips is so great.
  • Yay, tennis match.
  • This is actually pretty well directed.
  • Holy shit, the homoeroticism.
  • Of course being forced to give the death penalty is a curse. The people reported on are subject to bias.
  • I like that Misa’s going after people that Kira wouldn’t. It’s actually kind of smart.
  • Of course Light thinks it’s stupid.

deathnotedrama4Oh, right, from here on out it gets misogynistic. Oh well.


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