My Love Story – Episode 17

  • I love that even “tough guys” are scared of Takeo.
  • And when he has a girlfriend, it’s like “omg he has a girlfriend” and not “okay, he’s not so scary”.
  • Still not over Takeo’s intense love of Yamato.
  • “Should we ask Yamato for permission too?”
  • These. Dorks.
  • HAHAHAHAHA Yamato’s face.
  • AWWWWWW. They are too adorable.
  • Help.
  • Takeo is like “an indirect kiss” after all this time?
  • UGH, ask her out already, you dork.
  • The bear statue.
  • Forcing the poor girl isn’t going to work, good grief.
  • Aw, I like how real this got.
  • Aw, Suna is adorable.
  • Just tell her how you felt, you dork.
  • It’s not about being a man, it’s about actually communicating.
  • Of course Takeo is there to catch him.
  • Aw, Yamato, he’s going at your pace, just ask him about it already.

mylovestory17I could have done without the “be a man” nonsense, but it was nice to see another kind of relationship in this show.


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