Akagi (Drama) – Episode 3

  • Please show him biting the tiger in anger again.
  • Well, I heard it, anyway. I think the show may have peaked there, but who knows. Maybe he’ll hategrind it later.
  • More blood already.
  • And again more blood, while guys speculate and Washizu cuddles his tiger.
  • I like that Akagi is trying to bleed this guy dry of his money.
  • If he loses, he can trade then. He gains nothing by getting his blood back now.
  • Love this soundtrack.
  • Of course, he gains nothing if he dies, either.
  • Kid’s skin is nowhere near pale enough to be drained of blood.
  • So much speculation.
  • You can tell by the hushed speculation that Akagi’s not about to die yet. It’s like a Jojos fight.
  • Now other guy is realising his mistake in speculating too much.
  • Just in time for the soundtrack to imply he’s really in danger.
  • There’s a lot of tiles. One of them must be useless.
  • This guy is Speedwagoning hard.
  • Washizu, shut the hell up.
  • Haha, Akagi just turned it on him.
  • The cop doesn’t understand what happened at all.
  • “The heavens literally sent this tile to make Washizu win.” Well, I guess that explains the art history stuff.
  • Haha, he’s sitting there and being fanned by guys in white.
  • Washizu just threw a tantrum. Oh dear.

akagi3This show is way easier to watch than I thought it would be.


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