Chaos Dragon – Episode 6

  • They still don’t know one of their own killed sports girl.
  • Despite the culprit carrying an evil sword, going on about evil, and having evil eyeliner on.
  • Oh, and having an evil heart-shaped boob peephole.
  • Somehow, I don’t think killing a zombie counts as killing a friend. God, that is the worst power.
  • I should be less surprised by the lack of editing in this, since no one would want to water down the influence of famous authors, but it means some stuff only makes sense in a gaming context.
  • It’s not enough that she’s evil, she’s disrespectful as well. Good grief.
  • How would killing your friends help you as a king? You lose everyone you trust, and you’re left with those you don’t.
  • Time for the boss battle.
  • Her sword literally says “feed me” in the midst of their serious talk about a fallen comrade.
  • He’s used to being tricked by “females”. Sweallow Cratsvalley needs a fedora, stat.


Does this show even have a story? Roleplaying games have a totally different narrative.


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