Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 5

  • The chief has slightly more breast definition this episode. I wouldn’t notice, but for it being so prominent in other shows. The whole aesthetic of this show seems out of place somehow.
  • Sleep? Time for a herbalist answer.
  • Also vertigo.
  • Hm, a natural way to induce fatigue and vertigo.
  • I like that even the chief’s like “Snow White might have some idea about this”. Her character has skills.
  • Zen and Snow White are super cute together, trying to negotiate their love with their duty.
  • Whoa.
  • Move everyone outside now. It’s probably the wood.
  • Sure enough.
  • She almost burned herself trying to get the firewood out.
  • Zen is so thirsty, holy shit.
  • I’d be like “oh, no, she’s making soylent”, but that’s pretty much the opposite of using full ingredients that work. Whee, mash some powder of dubious efficacy up and call it a meal replacement.
  • Uh-oh, she’s getting drama disease.
  • Girl, as soon as you collapse, everyone is going to feel guilty as hell because you said nothing. Self-care is important.
  • I love that they realise it before she collapses.
  • Also, Zen making her close her eyes is adorable.
  • I like that they’re rallied around Snow White, but it’s because she’s done so much for them.
  • Aw. Again, clear communication is the goal.


This show is so charming, mostly because the writing is so solid.


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