Akagi (Drama) – Episode 4

  • I just can’t imagine the crazy expressions working in live action. They try their best, though.
  • I love the way the tiles sound.
  • So at what point does Washizu start getting worried?
  • Ah, he still thinks he can claw his way back. That’s no fun.
  • Him standing in red shadow on the edge of a cliff is great, though.
  • Still love how even if you don’t know the game, they make sure you know the stakes.
  • To the point of actually making the game seem fun.
  • The old guy is so great.
  • “The demons who rule mahjong”
  • Meanwhile Akagi’s sick of his bullshit.
  • Just pick a damned tile.
  • “The incarnation of God.” Holy shit, the hubris.
  • He looks so sulky. It’s great.
  • Washizu, there is such a thing as overthinking it.
  • Hahaha, he’s throwing the tiles around like a child. This is beautiful.
  • These are some brave words from a guy with half his blood in vials on a drinks trolley.
  • Akagi’s whole thing isn’t building himself up, which is why he’s winning.
  • He’s also not afraid of death just yet.
  • Washizu’s giving up?
  • Ah. Figured.
  • Now’s the point to start thinking about trading blood back, maybe. If he doesn’t get a second wind.
  • Also, yes, I want to see him worried.

akagi4Still digging this, even though it’s not quite crazy yet.


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