Death Note (Drama) – Episode 5

  • They’re assuming a lot. Kira has to be male or one person?
  • “into flashy girls like her” Don’t slut-shame, L.
  • So this is a bit of a mistake on their part. It’s making it far too obvious, and that’s no fun.
  • Come on, fake a bathroom accident and leave.
  • L is totally shocked that Light is straight, I guess?
  • I can’t stop thinking of L as the Soylent guy. He just puts on another shirt out of nowhere and drinks stuff out of pouches. It diminishes his allure as asshole detective just a touch.
  • Light, you’re a dick. Let Misa Misa help you like she wants to. Just tell her your dumb arbitrary morals that make you feel better about yourself. It’s not like she can just give away her Shinigami eyes and the death note now, no harm done.
  • It’s somehow more frustrating to see the misogyny in this, because it’s less ingrained.
  • I get that it’s like Light’s had consequences of his actions thrust upon him, but it’s frustrating because it won’t matter.
  • Also, this Gelus stuff is telling instead of showing.
  • This cat and mouse act is kinda dumb.
  • I guess it just becomes frustrating because the characters in that kind of mystery are more effective as ciphers. Then again, if they have zero personality, it becomes Ranpo Kitan.
  • I do like that Light keeps using “Ryuga”.
  • I guess the problem is that it’s tiring to watch things unfold the same way.
  • And now L can shut off the cameras, and Light can move forward with his plan.
  • Oh god, he still gaslights her, even though she knows who he is.
  • She’s smart enough to get him a burner phone. Why does he condescend to her?
  • I was hoping things would be a little different, I guess.
  • Apparently L keeps Near locked up?
  • Mello being a puppet is so strange. It makes sense, since his entire purpose is to reinforce the Light/L duality, but it’s still strange.
  • And? Dude could just get the name off Misa Misa, write it down elsewhere, and/or make L specify that he’s no longer a suspect.
  • This is so much less fun when Light isn’t a total dick.
  • How many guys in the crowd with white shirts and roughed up hair are there?
  • Oh, L was smart enough to hire others. But not smart enough not to talk about it in the open.
  • Somehow, L being friends with Light seems so very insincere when shrunk into this timeframe.
  • L’s so much less of the fun manchild in this. More smug than curious.
  • That really specific bondage looks ridiculous.

deathnotedrama5In an almost literal sense, this episode was all filler, no killer.


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