Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 6

  • The new Prime Minister is an alien.
  • Tsubasa, maybe your powers are tied to anger, just a thought.
  • You’d think the alien who absorbs all humanity’s emotions would know humans find that stuff off-putting. It looks like dismissal, however fast your processing power is.
  • So this is creepy as hell. No one who preaches love and smiles in politics can ever be for real. Reality is that you can’t be everything for everyone.
  • That’s worrying. He’s specifically hurting individuals.
  • Yes, actually think about other people as individuals instead of a monolith you can influence.
  • “I’m sad we’re not all united.” But people aren’t. People are lonely, or horrible.
  • Aw, even Paiman’s happy. I’m sad Utsutsu’s been pushed off to the side, though.
  • I like that the emotions are less directly linked to Gel’s influence.
  • Is this guy wanting to start Final Impact?
  • Suddenly everyone’s making Gel’s sign.
  • People are separate. Their experiences are not the same. They can’t magically be the same through willing it to be that way. Build infrastructure to support people first, then magically make them happy.
  • Seriously, the daycares are a good start.
  • Also, conflict’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes people aren’t of one mind.
  • I… how is disposing of all politics not fascism of some kind. That’s terrifying. People should be terrified by an alien destroying their system’s most failsafe system first.
  • So they’ll somehow have a referendum every time Gel wants to make a decision.
  • Where is all this money coming from to do these things?
  • “I hope it’s the same colour as everyone else’s.” That seems… as unsustainable as everything else.
  • Also, I doubt Berg-Katze has a hold on Hajime.
  • I like that Crowds are like a fad that’s passed. People would rather have an alien parent take care of them.


Still really curious about when the other shoe will drop with this government decision, or if it will.


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