Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 41

  • Kumo just stands over Haneru as he sleeps. Um, just get his dad to wake him up.
  • I’m always a little sad that the “sparkle / kill” pun doesn’t exist in English.
  • Sigh. I thought this trip to the beach would be better than most, but nope.
  • There’s also a really noticeable drop in animation this episode, which is weird. I guess they’re saving up for something, since the really special stuff can’t be done entirely with CG.
  • Oh, they needed a new model for Jey.
  • I like that Haneru jumps to the same conclusion that it’s Jey.
  • Whoa, Kumo saw a ghost.
  • I like the idea of dance that makes the waters shine.
  • The CG dancing completely in unison is always so weird, but I like it.
  • I like that they’re not sure whether it was real.
  • Haha, water fireflies.
  • So she’s not a ghost? Wait, what?

tribecoolcrew41That wasn’t the strangest filler episode, but that’s mainly because the pickle one was so very absurd.


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