My Love Story – Episode 19

  • Aw, Yamato.
  • Takeo’s mother will have none of his faux-chivalrous bullshit.
  • I love Takeo’s mother. She takes zero bullshit.
  • I really want a prequel all about Takeo’s mother.
  • Hahaha, this whole thing is just admiration for Takeo’s mum.
  • Seriously, pregnancy and housework are hard work and expected of most women.
  • Yussss, I got my wish.
  • She wants to protect cute girls. Help.
  • Takeo’s mum is also a superhero, while pregnant no less.
  • I hope the baby’s a girl.
  • Suna is amazing.
  • Takeo’s dad seems kind of useless, but in a good way.
  • I like the way the texts drift across the screen.
  • Seriously, though, babies can survive being near-strangled. She’ll be fine.
  • Takeo, shush.
  • AW. Even in the midst of contractions, she’s like “this other lady’s having her first birth”.
  • Yus, of course she’s a girl.
  • And of course they think Takeo is his dad.
  • Wait, what.
  • Takeo, Suna is not going to marry your baby sister. Good grief.
  • I find it difficult to picture Yamato as a midwife or teacher.

mylovestory19I loved this episode, and not just for the glimpses of Takeo’s mum.


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