Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 7

  • So they’re all giving the BIM sign as a greeting right now.
  • Even MESS is making it.
  • So people are supposed to just help each other out without superhero motivations? I mean, as dumb and overly-simplistic as this show is, we are still apes. Our instincts to help each other dissipate as they become distant.
  • Now Rui worries about pushing change too fast. I mean, not the dissipation of government in favour of a benevolent dictator, but “change”.
  • Aw, Rui still has hopes that CROWDS (and by extension, they) will be needed.
  • The homogeneity of their emotions is creepy. Physical and emotional pain would affect that.
  • As if summoned by that thought, in comes Utsutsu to give her “I’m gloomy” catchphrase.
  • So Gel’s going to bring gentle enforcement.
  • Tsubasa takes him totally at face value.
  • Resources are limited, and people act contrary to their best interests.
  • Hell, I don’t live in harmony with myself, what hope does a collective have?
  • Tsubasa, consent is important. You don’t just force someone to make your cult gesture without asking.
  • Oh, Berg-Katze has met Gel before. You’d think hating him would mean he’s good, but it could be a literal “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend”.
  • Hahaha, other people are like “they’re so creepy”. Gel needs to read up on cults and love-bombing.
  • Is he going to give birth?
  • This is some emotional manipulation. Crying in public, in front of cameras, just to judge their reaction.
  • And, sure enough, he’s fine two seconds later.
  • WHAT.
  • “Let Sadra handle it” amounts to “let someone else take care of problems”.
  • What happens if he decides to execute those who express a different opinion?
  • Seriously, at least say what Gel’s intended action is.
  • Now that everyone’s one, he’s afraid. That’s creepy and not how healthy relationships work.
  • HAHAHA Berg-Katze is the ultimate troll and doesn’t give a fuck.
  • Even apes take care of each other.
  • OH GOD.
  • Is he wilfully changing their ideas?
  • OH GOD. He did give birth.
  • Also, haha, they’re red, white and blue.

gatchamancrowds7At least I don’t have to be afraid they won’t address how creepy the situation is? Because good grief, look at that thing.


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