Chaos Dragon – Episode 7

  • For some reason, the name “Sweallow” still sounds hilarious to me.
  • So if this guy handles any tool, it’s destroyed.
  • And then he loses a baby bird, because his backstory just wasn’t tragic enough.
  • I take it this is the big boss fight, which they’re just going to animate for some reason.
  • I’m not sure why the fight feels like padding, except that it’s so arbitrary.
  • More tragic backstory for the one named “Sweallow Clazzvali”.
  • Mostly, I just want to play this game instead of watching it. I feel like maybe the pacing would fit better in between tedious fetch quests.
  • He put out his eyes so the little dude would sacrifice him.
  • Actually, that nonsense is why none of it works. I get sacrifice, but there’s a sense of diminishing returns when it comes to despairing tragedy.
  • Black dragon looks even worse than the elephants.
  • There’s also a diminishing returns to all the RPG bullshit. This one has a magic sword that drains souls, this one destroys tools, this one has to kill all his closest friends. It all gets a bit much.
  • It’s also sad how little input the one woman has in all of this, on a meta level.

chaosdragon7I’m not hatewatching this show, as much as I am watching it specifically to point out its problems.


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