Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 6

  • Oh no, she’s wearing a dress.
  • Not that I remember what she wore before, but I love how light and comfy it looks.
  • You can tell the older brother is the worst because his hair is longer/more yellow and his collar is popped.
  • Ugh, the prince really is the worst, implying that Zen wants her for her vagina.
  • Snow White holding a lily is the kind of unsubtle symbolism I expect from Ikuhara, not a show about herbalism.
  • Their last name is Wisteria.
  • Ew, the older brother is inviting rape-y prince. Total dick.
  • And of course rape-y prince thinks Zen is engaged to her, because it can’t possibly be her skill or whatever.

snowwhite6Kind of want it to go back to using herbs to save the day, instead of this tedious romantic misunderstanding stuff.


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