Tribe Cool Crew – Episode 42

  • I thought the famous twins went to other countries if they wanted to sample food.
  • Oh, they were tired of jet-setting to Paris in order to satisfy their hunger cravings.
  • Did they censor “dance road”?
  • Hahaha, “if you’re so bored, go downstairs and help Dad with work”.
  • They bought an entire display rack of shoes.
  • And a fountain.
  • Aw, Kumo is playing evil spiderman.
  • Wait, when did they change
  • Also, of course they just changed the rules.
  • Somehow Kanon and spiderman are dancing in perfect unison, but it’s only when he starts breakdancing that she’s like “wait”.
  • Wait, they were like “let’s dance battle for this gift prize”
  • Aw, Kumo must be sweaty as hell in that suit.

tribecoolcrew42They’re still padding until Dance Road happens, of course.


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