My Love Story – Episode 20

  • Maki
  • SO CUTE.
  • They have matching super serious expressions.
  • Aw, Takeo. After all the baked goods Yamato has made you, this is what’s exciting?
  • I get liking special chocolate, but man.
  • I love afro kid acting like a total dick.
  • Why was he exercising out the window. Dude is a superhero.
  • Actually kind of curious about home-made chocolate now. I don’t have any equipment, but I do know a place.
  • UM. Is he shipping his newborn sister with Suna? Good grief, dude, that’s creepy.
  • Aw, Suna. I hope you get to click with someone some day, if you want to.
  • Aw.
  • I like that the guys and girls are both becoming sort of friends without it being too neat.
  • Dude, she made you so many things.
  • I think what I like about Takeo is that he totally will thank her, without fail.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. He just ate it right there in the restaurant.
  • Suna is like “you need to plan things better”.
  • Haha, Suna walks by like “yay, I didn’t need to explain that shops close”.
  • AW. They blew kisses.
  • Also, I hope Yamato does hold tiny Maki.
  • AW. His crush waited until a day later and played it cool.
  • Wait, is that a girl? Dang it. I was sort of hoping it wouldn’t be addressed, but oh well.

mylovestory20Still the cutest show.


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