Akagi (Drama) – Episode 5

  • Akagi’s just like “nope, not putting this back”. He’s prepared to die either way.
  • I figured he’d bargain with Washizu for it, but apparently not.
  • Honestly, the lung cancer and emphysema aren’t going to give him a very long life regardless.
  • Surely bringing out his extra savings is cheating? Unless he’d give Akagi some of his blood.
  • Trying to set up elaborate hands is dumb when it means Akagi can play almost anything before then.
  • He’s also far too focused on his own hand. No way that’ll backfire.
  • Sure enough, Akagi’s talking about how Washizu hasn’t noticed his own luck.
  • Hm. Is this where he’ll fail?
  • 100cc is better than 400, at least.
  • One-track-mind there, Washizu.
  • Suddenly, organ music.
  • Down to the wire, I guess?
  • I think my skepticism is that there’s a whole other game left.
  • 80cc is even better than 100, but I doubt that’s going to happen.
  • Hm.
  • Washizu, you are not a prophet. If you were, you wouldn’t be playing Mahjong to lose all your money.
  • Curious to see whether Akagi tries to bargain or not. Hard to tell, with a game left.

akagi5This show is really good at tension, even if you don’t understand the details of the game that well.


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