Akagi (Drama) – Episode 6

  • So, he’s going to die right now? That’s no fun.
  • Unless he agrees to play while still dying?
  • Or Washizu realises how empty it feels, but it seems like he’s too dumb to do that.
  • At least say Washizu lost his money.
  • Yes, he’s still alive through sheer force of will.
  • I mean, how else could it have ended? There’s a full game left.
  • Nice. Of course he had something extra, too.
  • This soundtrack is so unsubtle, I love it.
  • “Cheap, cowardly trick”. As opposed to your secret savings, which were totally above board.
  • So glad they didn’t cut it off too soon. The lapse in tension was unconscionable.
  • Bleed Washizu dry.
  • Seriously, I just want him damaged in some way. Even if it’s just “oh no, I am a dumb baby who can no longer get my kicks from regular gambling, and the money means nothing to my empty soul”.
  • He’s already dying, might as well go all-out.
  • I love how well the tension works.
  • Washizu is really overestimating what he has to lose to this guy who’s nearly dead.
  • Argh, one more game.
  • Yes, bleed him dry. I hate how clunky that is, but can’t help it.
  • I hope Akagi’s death wasn’t for nothing.

akagi6This show is far too easy to get into.


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