Death Note (Drama) – Episode 6

  • Kira totally left evidence. Planted evidence, but still.
  • This whole part is annoying.
  • Ah. Rem took her memory away? That gives Misa and Rem the tiniest pieces of agency this time.
  • You’d think an idol would be more tight-lipped about her boyfriend.
  • This seems even more stupid, because having real people highlights how unreal they are.
  • How do they differentiate between Kira and regular heart attacks?
  • Hm. Is there a third Kira in this version?
  • Ah. Yes, there it is.
  • The applause is legitimately creepy.
  • Oh. He’s given himself an ultimatum about the Death Note. The change fits, since it means he’d feel chosen to create a new world that way.
  • Saying that they’re friends doesn’t make it true in this version. He’s not guileless enough.
  • L’s aware a policeman’s kid might know how to fake a polygraph, right?
  • L is such a dick. Calling his dad to say “I still suspect him” is the worst.
  • Oh. Near is interfering early. Interesting.
  • I know he’s not going to shoot actual bullets, but damn.
  • Holy shit, L is still the worst.
  • Light’s dad is not long for this world.
  • Light, that’s some self-loathing you have there. It’s also so much more convincing when he was a decent person at the start.

deathnotedrama6Yay, the next preview has actual Light/L bonding.


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