Death Note (Drama) – Episode 7

  • At long last, it’s the part with the handcuffs.
  • This show isn’t nearly as fun as the anime when it comes to being over the top.
  • Their working together isn’t nearly as fun as when Light started out as an asshole.
  • Ooh. L is talking about possession.
  • That actually makes a bunch of sense as a conclusion to jump to, given that the methods of death were controlled.
  • Aw, while the recon stuff is cool, it means no handcuffs.
  • L is just plain cruel in this.
  • Light has changed. He’s more ruthless, regardless of whether he remembers that or not.
  • Ow, I just noticed that Light is wearing a white top, now that he’s lost his memories. Symbolism.
  • Near is way more involved in this than previously.
  • They’re doing an entirely white jigsaw puzzle. So symbolic.
  • I actually do like this exploration of how Light has changed.
  • Aw, he entrusted Near with finishing things.
  • …and apparently Mello is a split personality, after all.
  • I’m guessing that’s changed because two personalities means two names. Kill one, and the other’s still there.
  • Also, I do like that Misa is capable beyond being solely in love with Light.
  • Aw, Light saved his life.
  • Suddenly Light’s wearing darker clothes again.
  • And there we go. So neatly done.
  • Okay, writing it in blood is a bit much.


This adaptation has been really interesting so far. Not always good, but interesting.


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