Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 8

  • The title is “cluster”. Hopefully not the sense8 kind, because I don’t want to see creepy creatures having mind orgies.
  • Seriously, they’re trying to make everyone one?
  • They’re weird alien parents that try to comfort people?
  • It’s like a hugbox, only not people comforting each other, but politicians comforting the populace. That’s fucking terrifying.
  • Yay, Hajime-ssu “She hugged the alien” Ichinose isn’t jumping to “they’re totally friendly” conclusions this time. And you know she’s right because she’s never wrong. Like, ever.
  • Haha, someone agrees that they’re creepy.
  • “We’re just us” So they have no identity.
  • They also have no goals besides “make everyone one”.
  • “when you don’t know them”
  • This really seems to be demonising Gel-Sadra’s weight.
  • Of course she blames Berg-Katze for this.
  • More and more people have red and orange bubbles?
  • What.
  • So what does the red emotion even represent.
  • Wait, so people are going tribal against those who dare to still be unhappy after meaningless physical contact and insincere words?
  • What?
  • Well, one just up and swallowed a guy, so I don’t feel so bad about finding them so creepy?

gatchamancrowds8This show is such a mess. I get the feeling it wanted everyone to think those creatures were good, otherwise it wouldn’t have spent so much time on them.


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