Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 10

  • For goodness’ sake, the Kuu are licking their lips in anticipation.
  • And their disagreement is over what to have for dinner. I just… people aren’t equal to begin with, and can’t be coerced that way. Maybe if they saw every part of each other like End of Eva, but that’s a whole other thing.
  • Jesus, Gel-sadra. There’s such a thing as being concerned about others.
  • HAHAHA this is so dumb. Like no one thought it was a dictatorship when Gel-Sadra deposed all politicians in the first place.
  • That’s just such a strawman.
  • I mean, maybe if the US elects President Trump…? But even then, the people decrying him beforehand didn’t change their mind.
  • How are you “with everyone” all alone in a room with Kuu?
  • Ugh, the war excuse. Like it’s not tapping into people’s already-existing fears and beliefs and is instead about “the atmosphere”.
  • Like everyone was following “the atmosphere” and not institutional authority or deliberate lies.
  • So Gel-Sadra’s one motivation is a girl. That’s healthy and totally an original thought not affected by the “atmosphere” in any way.

gatchamancrowds10I mean, I loved Yurikuma Arashi, and “let’s search evil” was an oversimplified version of the way social circles work. Thing is, there’s a reason that was set in a school and not really on a global scale. People aren’t mindless sheep who all want to eat the same thing. Allergies exist. “Becoming one” in this context means faking that you understand someone’s lived experience, instead of actually understanding it. People don’t always decide things on a whim. Their fears and desires and experiences inform their choices. Pretending otherwise really hurts a story like this, because it reduces it to the level of an after-school special.


Akagi (Drama) – Episode 7

  • Akagi’s pushing his luck a little.
  • Washizu has the best sulky look.
  • Seriously, the actor who plays him is one of this series’ strengths.
  • Of course he has a death wish. He’s literally betting his life on these games.
  • Clearly he’ll win at this point, since I can’t imagine it not lasting the full amount.
  • I wish I could screencap Akagi’s tongue poking out.
  • I like the speculation.
  • Akagi has to lose here, structure-wise. Unless he makes the trade now that he’s got Washizu in debt.
  • Sure enough, he was focussing way too hard on Akagi.
  • The soundtrack is great.
  • Oh, they’re addressing the potential for trade. And, sure enough, Akagi’s like “nope”.

akagi7From this point, it seems most likely that Akagi dies, but I hope he gets some kind of knife in before he goes.

My Love Story – Episode 21

  • AW.
  • I forgot how almost unbearably cute this show is.
  • Poor girl’s rightly terrified of Takeo.
  • I actually like this. The dynamic’s a little different.
  • HAHAHA his expression when she’s revealed herself as a stalker.
  • I like that this is going the “he’s a normal person and kind of a dork” route.
  • This entire episode is screaming “just talk to him”.
  • UM. Maybe break it to him gently.
  • AW. Poor thing.
  • At least this way she gets to see he’s a real person?
  • He has an antenna to detect her.
  • Suna’s deadpan is the best.
  • Aw, this is adorable.
  • Aw.

mylovestory21I like that Suna’s giving her a chance because Takeo’s helping her, but he doesn’t seem all that enthused about it.

Death Note (Drama) – Episode 8

  • I love how L called Light on smirking at his watch.
  • Wait, they’re just trusting that this is all true?
  • Poor Rem, trapped in this situation.
  • L is apparently a creeper.
  • Stolen?
  • I feel bad for that old dude actor.
  • Assuming Light thinks that guy stole it, he just did something incredibly stupid. Dude could have traded for Shinigami eyes already.
  • I like that of course Ryuk is going to be like “hell yeah, another dude to corrupt”.
  • Again, he’s assuming the guy won’t trade for the eyes.
  • The Mello and Near dynamic is strange.
  • Actually, so much of this is strange. I can’t always remember what’s changed and what isn’t.
  • Is there a point to this monologuing? We know L’s figured it out.
  • “Then I met you, and for the first time, I became interested in a person.” Well, that’s fuel for fanfiction.
  • This is considerably more violent than I remember.

deathnote8Aw, I preferred it when L’s loneliness was his downfall.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 10

  • Ooh, I like that detail. Magic changing the landscape seems fascinating.
  • Unfortunately, it leads to more political talk.
  • I love how Lou’s still there and pretending to be totally on their side.
  • So she returns people just to act as slaves.
  • Oh, and the magic changing the landscape is used as an excuse for why she’s weaker.
  • “Why didn’t you kill me?” Is there serious jealousy between Bounded girl and Creepy Sister? Ew.
  • God, that strap must be utterly soaked in boob sweat.
  • And then she’s like “my heart is right here, squarely in the middle of my breast”.
  • Are they finally realising that Lou’s not on their side? Wow, I didn’t expect that.
  • So Lou’s about to kill this other girl, when suddenly there’s a hydra.
  • It’s not too bad, as fight scenes go. It just seems like the outcome is obvious.
  • What is with this show and boobs. She just reaches right in there.
  • Oh, nice. The magical landscape idea paid off.

chaosdragon10The show’s not a whole lot better, but at least it’s mostly fun again.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 9

  • Oh, she made a contract.
  • Do they all have a “9” emblazoned on their chests? Is evil lady’s one hidden by her boobs?
  • Really hating this sister character. Her design alone is the worst thing.
  • So Sweallow made a pact with black dragon to be impenetrable.
  • I just don’t understand why someone would make any bargain with dragons whose powers are like a massive monkey’s paw. Let alone rival ones.
  • So if she uses her power, he can keep killing and reviving that one girl, at no cost to himself.
  • This show is so very dumb.
  • That crumbling deserved a place in a better show.

chaosdragon9Nothing to add except it ended on a shot of Lou’s boobs as seen from below. I remain mesmerised by how uncomfortable it must be to have them exposed.

Chaos Dragon – Episode 8

  • This show still exists, despite fighting a bad guy last episode.
  • “Didn’t all your family members die” = One hell of a thing to open with.
  • So there’s a sister involved now. This would have more impact if the story were structured.
  • I can’t tell if I’m supposed to think there’s something odd about reappearing dead people, or if it’s just another part of the plot.
  • I mean, clearly the characters are suspicious, but this is a world with such senseless magic.
  • “It could also be possible that it’s her long-lost twin.” That shows how silly this is, that long-lost twins would be the sensible solution.
  • Why did they kiss?
  • OH. It’s the rpg thing. No one knows how they should react to the dm being like “these people are still alive”. Sweallow’s all “I thought something seemed suspicious”.
  • Whereas Ka Grava’s like “here is incontrovertible proof”.

chaosdragon8I guess I don’t understand the significance of Mashiro being a returned one. If she hasn’t really been brought back, then there’s no point in keeping her around.