Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 9

  • Okay, this shit is super creepy.
  • They’re now framing it as “the Kuu are imprisoning criminals”. Because only criminals don’t fit in with society? That’s some ignorance about mental illness if ever I heard it.
  • The Kuu are the atmosphere. Hm. So it is some kind of immune response?
  • Seriously, one hug doesn’t erase a lifetime of hurt.
  • If everyone who doesn’t fit in is swallowed up, then they’re not all one. That’s the entire point.
  • Right, because everything that feels wonderful is totally good for you.
  • So, um, the “atmosphere” is clearly one of privilege, because the people who most need love and trust to connect with others are the ones swallowed up by the majority.
  • But everyone’s not so easily swayed. People are conflicted, that’s the entire point of humanity.
  • Not everyone can pass that bar of entry and become one, though. Case in point: Shinji Ikari.
  • “Congratulations.” I knew I mentioned Eva for a reason.
  • “You’ve become a boring person.” Man, this is really spelling out the whole “individuality is super great and group whims are evil” thing.

gatchamancrowds9The theme’s just so infuriatingly simplistic. At least the idealism in the first series is recognisable as such, and works as escapist “everyone can be a superhero” fantasy. Saying “look at how bad this strawman is” does nothing.


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