Chaos Dragon – Episode 10

  • Ooh, I like that detail. Magic changing the landscape seems fascinating.
  • Unfortunately, it leads to more political talk.
  • I love how Lou’s still there and pretending to be totally on their side.
  • So she returns people just to act as slaves.
  • Oh, and the magic changing the landscape is used as an excuse for why she’s weaker.
  • “Why didn’t you kill me?” Is there serious jealousy between Bounded girl and Creepy Sister? Ew.
  • God, that strap must be utterly soaked in boob sweat.
  • And then she’s like “my heart is right here, squarely in the middle of my breast”.
  • Are they finally realising that Lou’s not on their side? Wow, I didn’t expect that.
  • So Lou’s about to kill this other girl, when suddenly there’s a hydra.
  • It’s not too bad, as fight scenes go. It just seems like the outcome is obvious.
  • What is with this show and boobs. She just reaches right in there.
  • Oh, nice. The magical landscape idea paid off.

chaosdragon10The show’s not a whole lot better, but at least it’s mostly fun again.


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