Chaos Dragon – Episode 8

  • This show still exists, despite fighting a bad guy last episode.
  • “Didn’t all your family members die” = One hell of a thing to open with.
  • So there’s a sister involved now. This would have more impact if the story were structured.
  • I can’t tell if I’m supposed to think there’s something odd about reappearing dead people, or if it’s just another part of the plot.
  • I mean, clearly the characters are suspicious, but this is a world with such senseless magic.
  • “It could also be possible that it’s her long-lost twin.” That shows how silly this is, that long-lost twins would be the sensible solution.
  • Why did they kiss?
  • OH. It’s the rpg thing. No one knows how they should react to the dm being like “these people are still alive”. Sweallow’s all “I thought something seemed suspicious”.
  • Whereas Ka Grava’s like “here is incontrovertible proof”.

chaosdragon8I guess I don’t understand the significance of Mashiro being a returned one. If she hasn’t really been brought back, then there’s no point in keeping her around.


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