Akagi (Drama) – Episode 7

  • Akagi’s pushing his luck a little.
  • Washizu has the best sulky look.
  • Seriously, the actor who plays him is one of this series’ strengths.
  • Of course he has a death wish. He’s literally betting his life on these games.
  • Clearly he’ll win at this point, since I can’t imagine it not lasting the full amount.
  • I wish I could screencap Akagi’s tongue poking out.
  • I like the speculation.
  • Akagi has to lose here, structure-wise. Unless he makes the trade now that he’s got Washizu in debt.
  • Sure enough, he was focussing way too hard on Akagi.
  • The soundtrack is great.
  • Oh, they’re addressing the potential for trade. And, sure enough, Akagi’s like “nope”.

akagi7From this point, it seems most likely that Akagi dies, but I hope he gets some kind of knife in before he goes.


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