Death Note (Drama) – Episode 8

  • I love how L called Light on smirking at his watch.
  • Wait, they’re just trusting that this is all true?
  • Poor Rem, trapped in this situation.
  • L is apparently a creeper.
  • Stolen?
  • I feel bad for that old dude actor.
  • Assuming Light thinks that guy stole it, he just did something incredibly stupid. Dude could have traded for Shinigami eyes already.
  • I like that of course Ryuk is going to be like “hell yeah, another dude to corrupt”.
  • Again, he’s assuming the guy won’t trade for the eyes.
  • The Mello and Near dynamic is strange.
  • Actually, so much of this is strange. I can’t always remember what’s changed and what isn’t.
  • Is there a point to this monologuing? We know L’s figured it out.
  • “Then I met you, and for the first time, I became interested in a person.” Well, that’s fuel for fanfiction.
  • This is considerably more violent than I remember.

deathnote8Aw, I preferred it when L’s loneliness was his downfall.


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