My Love Story – Episode 21

  • AW.
  • I forgot how almost unbearably cute this show is.
  • Poor girl’s rightly terrified of Takeo.
  • I actually like this. The dynamic’s a little different.
  • HAHAHA his expression when she’s revealed herself as a stalker.
  • I like that this is going the “he’s a normal person and kind of a dork” route.
  • This entire episode is screaming “just talk to him”.
  • UM. Maybe break it to him gently.
  • AW. Poor thing.
  • At least this way she gets to see he’s a real person?
  • He has an antenna to detect her.
  • Suna’s deadpan is the best.
  • Aw, this is adorable.
  • Aw.

mylovestory21I like that Suna’s giving her a chance because Takeo’s helping her, but he doesn’t seem all that enthused about it.


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