Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 10

  • For goodness’ sake, the Kuu are licking their lips in anticipation.
  • And their disagreement is over what to have for dinner. I just… people aren’t equal to begin with, and can’t be coerced that way. Maybe if they saw every part of each other like End of Eva, but that’s a whole other thing.
  • Jesus, Gel-sadra. There’s such a thing as being concerned about others.
  • HAHAHA this is so dumb. Like no one thought it was a dictatorship when Gel-Sadra deposed all politicians in the first place.
  • That’s just such a strawman.
  • I mean, maybe if the US elects President Trump…? But even then, the people decrying him beforehand didn’t change their mind.
  • How are you “with everyone” all alone in a room with Kuu?
  • Ugh, the war excuse. Like it’s not tapping into people’s already-existing fears and beliefs and is instead about “the atmosphere”.
  • Like everyone was following “the atmosphere” and not institutional authority or deliberate lies.
  • So Gel-Sadra’s one motivation is a girl. That’s healthy and totally an original thought not affected by the “atmosphere” in any way.

gatchamancrowds10I mean, I loved Yurikuma Arashi, and “let’s search evil” was an oversimplified version of the way social circles work. Thing is, there’s a reason that was set in a school and not really on a global scale. People aren’t mindless sheep who all want to eat the same thing. Allergies exist. “Becoming one” in this context means faking that you understand someone’s lived experience, instead of actually understanding it. People don’t always decide things on a whim. Their fears and desires and experiences inform their choices. Pretending otherwise really hurts a story like this, because it reduces it to the level of an after-school special.


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