Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 12

  • I’ve been dreading this. Unless something else happens, I’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out of my head.
  • Oh, she used Berg-Katze. But why would he agree? It’s no fun for him.
  • Man, This discussion just highlights how little character development there’s been this season.
  • And nope, humanity’s desire for vengeance doesn’t count.
  • There’s no individual emotion influencing the whole. The idea of what crowds are like… it’s so shallow. They’re motivated by fear and belief, not hip trendy nonsense.
  • I guess I’m supposed to feel bad that Hajime died, but it just makes her even more of the classic Mary Sue archetype.
  • At least in the first season, Hajime was manic pixie dream girl who shook things up and questioned how things had always been. Now she’s outgrown her purpose and is at the centre without any real reason.
  • UGH, the “this is going too far” while watching a literal execution is so dumb. If they wanted death, watching it wouldn’t stop them. It’s a little story called “the crucifixion of Jesus”.
  • I’m supposed to feel sad, but there’s no reason to. Hajime’s like a female version of Doctor Who, she’s more of an irritating mix of quirks and “being right all the time” than an actual person.
  • Whoever wrote this really hates people.
  • “This is how we really feel.” And somehow the show seeks to deny that.
  • I mean, yes, knee-jerk reactions are a problem, but this is so dumb.
  • All of these characters have been shafted throughout the series. Their arc is barely reacting to events.
  • ALSO, there’s no criticism of the system. Reducing everyone’s decisions to instinctive forced multiple choice doesn’t make them think that way.
  • I mean, if that were the case, we’d all magically love people who’ve been elected.
  • The popular vote in a pie chart by its nature removes all thought and nuance from decisions. You can’t blame users for a bad design.
  • Surprise, she woke up.
  • I get that it’s supposed to be happy, but it’s such a foregone conclusion.

gatchamancrowds11Yup, that was exactly the ending I expected. I still need to rant about it, but that will have to wait for my thoughts to settle.


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